Uncontrolled Magic

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Uncontrolled Magic

Post by Erik Night on Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:29 pm

- In an interrogation room -

???: So you tought that you could just storm into the Kingdom with your mates and take us out?

Evan: ...

???: Look, if you're  gonna keep shut we can make you talk or you'll talk yourself so we don't have to do the bad things.

Evan: ...

???: Look, I don't know what got into you, I've known you for sometime and I haven't seen you doing this. First, you've stolen so many goods from us, second you betrayed us and began working for bandits and terrorists, do you really want to die? And last of all you've teamed up with the man that made us both go through all of this, I don't want to erase you from this world.

Evan: Erase?! Have you gone nuts!

???: Please remain Calm, explain me why you chose this path, tell me the tale.

- The Story Begins -
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