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Magic Kingdom OC's

Post by Erik Night on Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:30 am

Name: Allen Night

Age: Lost count (5617 to be exact)

Gender: Male

Magic: Lock Creator Of God

Lock Creator Of God is a magic form that allows the user to create diffrent locks (for ex. Gold lock or Silver Lock Of God) that house many diffrent abilities.
The user can aslo when needed create two or more locks and use at the same time but the more you use the faster it'll drain the magic of the user. ( Allen is able to do 5 at a time if really needed)
Some of the abilities within the locks are,

Silver Locks are the lowest of all the locks there are. They should not be mistaken as the carry a threat this is a force to be reckoned with.

- Drain: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can drain away magical power from his enemy.
              Everytime the user comes in contact with the enemy he'll begin to drain magical power. The higher the combo of touching without
              Being touched himself the more the user drains per touch.

- Consume: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can consume any kind of Magical attack fired
                       right at him. Just like "Drain" the user can use the power to regenerate, power-up or as another feature drain doesn't have is to fire
                       a more purrified verion that is completly white straight back.

-Rage: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can go into a stage where the user can't think straight.
               When it's activated the user is never able to fully plan out an attack but is able to back this up with the amount of power that is gained by using
                this move.

Golden Locks surpass the Silver locks easily and are capable of weilding power only men dream of.

-  Godspeed: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can surpass speeds faster than light.
                           While this is a very awsome move it puts allot of preassure on the user's endurance and has to be very high to even maintain
                           this lock for a while. This lock also lets the user hit very hard and also very fast.

- Heavy Impact: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can create powerfull sonic booms by just punching in the air.
                               When used the physical power of the user to break trough a mountain with a regular punch. This ability also lets the user block or sometimes when
                                punched hard enough send them back.

- Revenge: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can become the ultimate undead fighter.
                       this lock is mainly focused around being a last resort to make the user rise from even the strongest attacks. The more damage
                       the user takes the stronger he gets but he'll fall when he reaches limit.

- Fracture: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can fracture any kind of object/ Magical
                    move. Mainly used to fully nulify an attack and break it apart or to fracture rocks or even the air to create a barrier for blocking
                    or escaping.

-Overload: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can transfer power from all around the
                      battlefield into the opponent. This might sound making it unfair for the user but the more your magic raises to a level you never
                      knew the harder it becomes to control it.

- Reflect: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. Once the lock is unlocked the user can reflect any magical attack
                  back to the opponent with even more power behind it. The user is not able to send back physical attacks tough.

God Tier Locks are the strongest out of all and take even the strongest wizards years to learn to fully use them for a certain amount of time. They are
very strong and put massive amunt of pressure on the body and soul.

- War Dragon: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. This lock was made by Allen himself after losing his loved one. After losing his loved one
                          He carries around a lock that contains the soul of his lost love one. When unlocked One of Allen's eyes turns completely white and gets
                          White marks on his face. ( Something Like Jellal). With this lock unlocked he aslo gains the ability of A sort of light dragon magic that is
                          still unknown what spells it contains.

- Soul Link: The user Creates the lock and the key to open it. This is the second most strongest lock, when it's unlocked it links
                      chosen souls togehter to make all souls one. This makes everyone who is chosen by the user and the user
                      stronger of the amount of people are chosen. The more people the more magic power has to be used.

Occupation: - Dragon Warlord (Hidden)
           - Thirsty Serpent (Owner)

Alias: - Dragon Myth Night
      - Destroyer Of Cottel

It was a nice and shiny day, sunlight coming trough the window on the top floor of our house on our lovely farm. Our farm wasn't that big compared to the massive farms of the other landlords. Our family made out of both of my parents,
my older brother, my older sister and of course me. We weren't the richest family out there either, the things on our farm made sure we could afford enough food for the whole family but during the winter it would be much harder for our
family to afford food so sometimes my parents wouldn't eat for days just so we could eat. The oldest of us three, my brother would sometimes offer his food to my parents but they would just didn't accept his offer. During the winter our
parents would always make us do the work as they didn't have enough power to anything but for us it was nothing in comparising what they did for us. The hardest time for us was winter and every year would try stocking up on food but if
our landlord would know this he would take every earning we made for the month and dubble the rent for the next month. One day my parents had enough of this filfthy landlord, always dubbling our rent, thats why they had put a haybale on
fire and leave the farm. I remember that it took us a long time to find a new spot to start up a farm and this time we went out so far that the place our farm was placed was not part of a landlord's ground. Fastforward 3 years, we had
made a massive farm, travellers passed by a lot so we build a inn where they could stay for couple of days. Something that was real fun was that some of the travellers felt bad sitting in their room all day doing nothing so they came
onto the farm and would ask if they could help. My mother would always say that they didn't need help but some insisted on helping. I would alwyas ask the travellers about some of their many adventures. I heard many great stories from
Fighting bears to rescueing a beautifull princsess, but one I'll never forget was a cloacked man who told a story about the flow of magic, magic is everywhere he said to me. He told me that there was a line that was called magic, the
people who followed the line were called wizards. He also told that there were diffrent ranks of these wizards, some just went into the line and they were called "A connection", you also had the ones who could close a gap in the line
and they were called "A link" and  lastly he told me about the ones who could create their own line and they were called "A source". As an eight year old I would always fantasize about magic, how wonderfull it would be to make the world
great again with using my own magic, to beat the landlord to a pile of dust. I would sneak out a night to go to the inn and ask the man to learn me magic and I would always get the same response " I can't teach you something that isn't
mine, I can't teach you what is yours. You'll have to teach me.". I was always wondering what he meant by saying that phrase over and over again everytime I asked him that question. 4 days past and before he left he came to me when I
was working in the farm, I never realised how he found me in the massive corn field but either way he found me and told me to fully understand myself, to connect with myself. 8 years passed and I began to go the library more
often as they learned me to read there, I would sneak into their wizard only section which could only be opend by magic and I would always enter after a wizard. I used to look into many books and I could stay there for days. One book
in particular caught my eye and I began to read, the more I read the book the more I loved it. After a week I began doing the things they described in the book. It had finaly worked, I finaly could use magic. It wasn't much but I could
use an easy form of light magic. After I left the library to go back home I was caught by the librarian and she told me that I was not allowed to enter but I showed her that I could use magic and let me off. I saw a thick cloud of smoke
behind the tops of the trees, I tought to myself cause I can finaly use magic I could become a hero. Little did I know that the fire was coming from my own farm. My mood suddenly changed, my emotions overwhelmed and I ran into the fire.
Town peopel tried to stop me but I didn't listen to what they had to say. I wasn't a very strong kid but I tried to drag my brother first, he was to heavy for me. I tried to carry my sister but that was the same story, After that I
tried to search for my parents but they were nowhere to be found, I looked out of the window to see them crying outside alongside the townpeople. A new era Began.

As I saw my parents stading outside while my brother and sister were burning to ashes inside I couldn't bare to feel anger build inside me. I had rememberd something from a book I read that said that when I'm burning of anger I should
scream "Call Forth Bringer Of Power, Feeder Of anger, Tanenor!". I screamed this as loud as I could and A black shadowy figure appeared and asked me if I wanted the power to save those dear to me. I signed the contract and Everything
went black. I woke up in a bed and a girl by my side who was taking care of my wounds. I was covered in bandages and I asked her why, she told me it was cause I had burns and wounds everywhere. I opend my eyes some more and inspected
the girl who was taking care of me. She had long ginger hair, very dark hazel brown eyes, a long blue dress all the way to her ankles and surprisingly she wasn't wearing any shoes. I fell back asleep wondering what had happend after I
signed that contract, did I really save them? I was fast asleep but I remember the nightmare of me standing inside the house hearing my brother and sister scream of pain and seeing my parents doing nothing. I shot up and was very angry
but covered in sweat, was I scared that I couldn't do anything? The girl was still in the same room as me but now she was in a rocking chair reading a book, I asked her where she had found me and if she found anything close to me. She
looked at me first before she began to speak, she said that she had found me in the forest to the south of the village. She didn't find anything weird near me but she said that my right arm was broken in three spots and had runes on it
she had never seen before. I had never heard of runes before so I asked her what they were. Again she looked first but now a bit worried, she said that they were the alphabet of the dreifans, an old folk that is one of the oldest
civilizations that still exists to this day. I began to feel something strange between us, I began to pinch my eyes and looking deeply into her eyes. She began to blush and a long silence followed, I asked if she was a wizard and she
let out a sigh of relief and awnsered my question with a yes. I said that I was a wizard myself and told her about what I rememberd. She looked at me worried and stood up from her rocking chair and sat next to me and said that I could
stay as long as I wanted. I agreed and I stayed there for 3 years untill I asked her the same question that I couldn't awnser. "Did you save them?" I said looking down to the ground, she asked me who I was talking about and I replied
"Your family?". I shounldn't have asked it as it was very personal and I also got slapped but she told me that they had left her from birth in an orphanage where she had spent her whole live untill she ran away at the age of 16, the
same age I was when both of my parents didn't do anything to save their son and daughter, just letting them burn to ashes. She had been living in this village for 6 years now and told me that she would want to move out and go to the
kingdom to live there, but she didn't have the money and back then she knew that wizards were known as bringers of the Evil and darkness. I stood there in the bedroom she had given me a year ago looking out of the window wondering if I
would do it. I grabbed my stuff and wrote a letter saying i'll be back soon with a surprise and I left. Since she gave me a roof above my head this was the least I could do. A week passed and I came back to her covered in bruises and
wounds but with a sack of something special. She asked me if I was alright and where I had been. I put the sack on the table and I said it was hers and went to my room. As soon as I hit my bed I could hear her scream "what". She ran up
all the way to my room and asked me if I stole a whole bag of gold but I said that I had been doing many jobs and traded 6 bags full of silver coins for that bag of gold coins and she can now live her dream and move out to the kingdom.
Even after us living together for a year I had never asked her name but I told her before she left one thing she had to do is tell her name. Celine had now left to go to the kingdom and live a new live and give her old house to me.

The People in the village had always been very nice to us but something that caught my attention was that when Celine left was that the kingdom began to take over our land and began to charge us taxes. It seems that the kingdom knew
that Celine could be a threat to their army and now that she had left she wasn't in the way anymore. I had to do more and more jobs and go out of town for days just to pay my rent to the kingdom and not Celine who previously owned this
house. When the Blessed Knights stormed into our town beginning to take money from people I stood there in the middle of the town waiting untill they would wonder what I was doing. One blessed knight came up to me and told me to go to
my parents and tell them to pay their taxes or else they would murder them but before he finished his sentence I pulled him of his horse and took him by the throat telling him if they would take just a single penny that I would
slaughter every knight that would just set foot in this town. First he looked terrified by what a 16 year old looking boy said to him but soon shook it of and began to laugh telling what I said to him to his fellow knights. I began to
speak "You don't want to fight a demon, bringer of power and feeder of anger.". He began to laugh again and I walked to the knight who began to laugh and broke his gaunlet taking his hand and putting it around my arm making the runes
light up calling forth what I had hid from Celine. The Demon that I made a contract with a year ago came forth showing his arm scaring the crap out of the knights. I lost control of the power that came with calling him forth and soon
slaughter all of his fellow knights. I grabbed the knight who started all of this by the throat again and told him that this was a warning for the king and if he dared to send even more knights into our village I would spill more blood
in his kingdom. The knight took off very fast and people looked to me as if they had seen a monster, and thats how I looked at myself but they didn't care how I looked. The village people saw me like a Hero and I appreciated that. The
village people called me the Hero Of Light And Darnkess since I was a light wizard but had a contract with a demon. What I did was nothing is what the king thought but what he didn't know is what I was and what I was capable of. Knights
Stormed into the village, many more than back then, more then I expected. I fought as hard as I could but in the end everything I did, every drop of blood that I had spilled was in the village I lived. Every single villager brutally
murdered by the Blessed Knights in order to show me who was the real king and who had the power to bring down countries. As the end of the battle was near and some villagers were still alive they told me to go on and live my life as
much as possible, your young and lively, promise us to make sure our sacrifice wasn't in vain said one of the last villagers to me. I was broken inside but did what he told me and ran away from the battle. I had ran many miles to escape
the war I had started with the king.

Time flew by and the sun came up and went back down, I had lost something that was dear to me again. I wouldn't stop here, I want to keep going and show that you just can't take something dear from me and go unseen. I gathered the
courage to stand up and to continue my quest. I started to gather the 12 strongest wizards in the continent to show the King who was the strongest. I searched for 5 years and finaly found 12 strong wizards who could show the king his
place. The first year I gather 2 very skilled warriors I had Found the warriors Cancer and Aries, A male and a Female warrior both capable of using magic and were both "A link" with the flow of magic. The second year the three of us
went to search for other capable fighters who could be as strong or stronger then us. This time we found 3 strong wizards, 2 of them were twins and one was a female with who was physicaly very strong. The twins were given the name
Gemini and the lady with formidable strenght was given the name Taurus. The third Year we found 3 other very strong wizards, one of which was a very strong "Link" with the flow of magic, one of which who wanted the role of a more
supportive person and one who was amazing using the bow and arrow and pouring in her magic into it. They were given the name Aquarius, Virgo and Sagitarius. The fourth year the 9 of split up into 3 groups with me being alone and the
others in a group of 4. We found 3 very strong and iron willed masters of their magic. One had the power to control the gravity, one was one of the strongest water wizards in the continent and the one I chose was a very skilled assasin.
The three of them getting the name Libra, Pisces and scorpio. I myself claimed the rank of Leo but I soon found it I wasn't the only one suitable for this rank. As we were approaching the kingdom we came past someone who looked very
familiar to me, as we crossed eachother I felt the same feeling from 6 years ago. I never thought I would encounter Celine here, It turned out she had lost her house in a fire and the kingdom wouldn't give her her property back. I
told her to sqaure up and told the others to attack her. I tested her abilities to see how strong she was and surprisingly she did more then I expected her to do taking out 9 of the 12 strongest warriors I had gathered. I told her to
get herself together and become the Leo alongside with me. From that day we went by the name of "The 12 Zodiac Signs of the North". Eventough 5 years had past trying to get the strongest team, I waited 2 more years before we would
show the king what we were made of. We had to figure out how the inside looked, how they functioned and our teamwork needed to be our key part for us.

2 more years had past and we had finaly figured out how we should work to defeat the army of blessed knights and show the king his place. We stood infront of the gaint closed gates and hugged eachother before we went in. We became a
very tight group over the last 2 years and depend on one another more then we expected. With her strenght Taurus knocked down the gate and we stormed in splitting into groups of two. Taurus and Aries, Libar And scorpie, The Gemini Twins,
Cancer and Aquarius, Sagitarius and Pisces, Capricorn and virgo and Celine and Me. 4 teams were supposed to every side of the kingdom being North, South, West and East. 2 Teams were supposed to take care of the incoming reinforcements
to make sure we had safepoints and Celine and I were supposed to take out the strongest blessed knights that were residing in the knights castle. Everything went according to plan but what we didn't know was that the Strongest Knights
Had been sent to war recently and were coming back the day we attacked making us fallback and let go of the safepoints we were trying to conquer. We had gathered in the middle of the kingdom and had no escape route as the knights were
coming from every single side available. A long fight was made from this and blood was flowing like a river in the middle of the kingdom. Everytime a knight was struck down 2 would replace the dead knight's place, there was no ending to
the blessed knights and we were getting outnumbered by many knights. I looked into Celine's eyes and said "Whatever you do, don't come close and stay behind me untill I say you can fight.". Celine tried to say something but I grabbed her
hands and looked deeply into her eyes gazing upon that beautifull smile before I kissed her. The world seemed to stand still for a couple of seconds, Toughts rushed to my mind but soon they looked very distorted and everything went black
for a second but it turned back to normal. I had called Forth the demon I made a contract with but what I never knew was that Celine had made a contract with a demon long ago and made up the story she told me. I still don't know how I
triggerd her activation but she grew two black menacing wings on her back and my demon had shown his arm. When someone who made a contract with demon, when the Demon shows their part for example the arm or the wings the runes on the
part the Demon shows up from light up first before the Demon part shows itself. When the light up doesn't work means that the contract has been lifted or that the part is consuming the user. In Celine's case the Demon inside tried to
consume her whole. Before I could attack any knight Celine had taken out hundereds if not thousands of blessed knights in a blink of an eye. What turned out to be us showing our strenghts to the king became a mission to save the inocent
people and make sure Celine would turn back to normal. All of the 12 zodiac members tried to take her out but there was no scratch to be seen on her. I told them to make sure the civilians would be safe and escort them outside the kingdom
I took on the job of making sure the demon inside of Celine wouldn't consume her. I did things I never knew I could do, it was as if the Demon inside of me was controlling me knowing what I wanted to do and helping me. I opend up a portal
to Celine and there was a Celine fighting an overpowered Demon feeding from her power and making her weaker every second. We fought side to side, in the realm pain was the main source the demon was feeding of and everytime I would get
knocked down he would feed of the pain I felt. I dropped many drops of blood for saving Celine but she was very weak after I could barely defeat the Demon consuming her. I was to know she survived the demon attacking her but I never knew
what could come next.

Now that the King saw how strong we were he said that he wanted to make the 12 Zodiac Signs OF the North is personal bodyguards. As leader I accepted the offer and told everyone I would leave the group and let Aries take control untill
Celine would wake up. As long as she was alive she would be the leader but She and I knew that since her contract has been lifted now, she wouldn't be immortal anymore and now lives a normal live eventough she maby had lived over a
thousand years. I walked with my stuff on my back to the streets that now had destroyed buildings and debris everywhere. As I was walking through the streets someone tapped my shoulder and I could hear a faint crying noise. I heard my
name and turned around to see Celine falling onto her knees. I still remember that she was crying so hard but I still ignored the fact that she was actually in love me with and me just leaving her behind. I was worried and told her
that she shouldn't be out here, she should be in bed resting. I brought her back to her room and said I would be leaving but she had one last request and that was to get a goodbye kiss. As I kissed her I remembered the part where I
kissed her during the fight to let my Demon show his arm. As I stood at the door a took something out of my pocket and went to put it on her table. She asked me why I had laid a pocketwatch on her table and replied that It belonged to
my father but I didn't need it anymore as what they did to me could not be undone, that's why I laid it there in the first place cause what I was about to do couldn't be undone. I left the room and soon I was standing infront of the
gate that was ripped out of the wall by Taurus' punch. I grinned a bit and looked back searching for the place Celine was resting right now and turned back around and set foot in the world searching for a new purpose in life.

At the beginning of my journey I went back to the place where it all began. I had walked three days straight and arrived at a big mansion, I looked up and then looked around me. The landlord had a lot of my as I could him having farms
as far as the eye can see. A fat man opend two big doors and told me fuck off but I replied that My family already did a long time ago. He looked at me with filth in his mouth and rushed to me tryin to punch but evaded the punch and
punched him back in the stomach. I told him he had to pay for doubling the price of my parents rent eventough I dishonor my parents I promised myself to do this. As he heard the word double I had double punched him and making him fly
into the doors. After that I left and set of to the village I stayed in when I was found By Celine. Even the village was rebuild but the people that now lived there were all unknown to me. I stayed in the village for a week before I
had set of for my journey again. First thing I had to do was to go back to my brother and sister's grave and say farewell. The journey I was about to begin was a very hard and I had to get into shape and become even stronger then I was
now. I set of to the Desert and began to train there defeating dune dragons, sand dragons, Gaint Crater scorpions and more terrifying monsters. I stayed in the desert training for 1 year untill I went out to the jungle training there.
and So I went around the world for 10 years becoming the ideal wizard and Linking with the flow and eventually becomming a source, but I was far from being a source. I decided to go back to the kingdom and Finaly say goodbye to everyone
I knew to set out to another continent. As I arrived in my massive black robe covering me fully, I was greeted by many people and saw how much the kingdom had grown from my last time. People looked even happier then before and I was
allowed to see the twelve. As I came into the room the twelve were currently in I saw 12 grown-ups in a circle around a table with deadly looks looking towards me. As I lifted my hood they were very happy to see me back. I still looked
the same as 10 years ago but they didn't. But I missed someone who was now standing behind me and dropped her reports after she saw me. Celine was very happy to see me again but something was strange, there was a little kid holding her
hand and A massive guy standing behind her. She had was now happily married and had a daughter who was 5 years old. After we talked for a couple of hours some of the 12 insisted on me showing what I did during these 10 years I was gone.
I said I needed to show them on the battlefield and show them my skills. I told every single one to enter the fight against me and so they did. I didn't expect them to be this strong so I had to show them what I did, thats when I began
to go all out on them and showing my training. After a good fight of 2 hours I came out with a couple of scratchs but I still defeated them. I stayed for a month in the kingdom when I decided that I was distracting myself from my true
purpose and I had to move on. I again left a not behind that said I was leaving but for good and from there on I've never seen the 12 again.

2000 Years had passed and I knew that all of them had passed away but I was saw this huge white dragon flying over. I gatherd my stuff and chased the dragon with my horse. As the dragon went into a very weird forest I had never seen
before my horse stopped. I went in alone to search for the dragon I had seen landing inside the forest. As I ventured into the massive forest I saw a beautifull girl looking to be in her late teens somewhere around the age of 19 or
soemthing close. She had beautifull long strands of snow white hair, she looked to be somewhere as tall as me and as far as I was standing I couldn't see much. I went closer and tried to introduce myself but not even a word could
escape my mouth before I was pushed back by a blast of white aura. I got back up and tried again but the same thing happend over and over again. I screamed that she had to stop but this time she saw it as a threat and pushed me so
far back that I was shot out of the forest. I didn't give up and ran back inside. This time she let me finish my sentence and when I aksed for her name she dropped to the ground. I was worried that anything happend so I ran as fast as
I could to her asking if everything was alright. She replied that she didn't have a Name so I said why don't we think of one? She blushed very hard and slapped me but said sorry directly after. What I didn't know but something she told
me was that she hadn't made contact with humans in a long time and forgot how to act around humans. I asked her to take if she had somewhere we had more privacy, she pointed up and There was this massive tree bigger then the other trees
in the forest. At first I tought it was very weird but I just went with and began to climb the tree. She grabbed my leg and pulled me off and opend a door that was built inside the tree that had a staircase all the way to the top. We
spent quite a lot of time discussing about good names for her. One name in particular we both agreed on so I began to call her that. The past 2000 years I had lost my sense of time and as we kept talking time flew. I had so much to talk
about and so did she and actually we had a lot in common, we both used magic, we had encounters with demons before, we even both fought in a war. I never told her that I really really liked her cause of her personality but I didn't know
how to say as I also hadn't talked with many people over the course of 600 years. As for the time what for us looked like a normal week was 2000 years in reality. I finaly confessed my love to her and she told me that She secretly also
liked me. We were a couple for 2 days untill a Full army of Blessed Knights rampaged the whole forest. She told me to stay back and that she would handle this. She jumped from the tree and I jumped up to run down and get her to safety
but when I want to look over the edge a full fleshed dragon appears infront of me obliterating the army in a single beam. The surrounding kingdoms had given her the Name ARK as she possed a power that was close to heavenly light that
obliteratted the army. What I never knew was that I had fallen in love with the dragon I was searching to taking it on and become stronger, all this time it was her. We lived in the forest for about a decade before the surrounding
kingdoms had planned to take out the dragon and burn down the forest. We were sitting in the top of the tree as always talking about nonsesne and suddenly we hear the clining noise of armour and as soon we stand up we see an army of
flaming arrows flying our way. She begins to run and jumps but before she jumps I wanted her to grab my hand and showing her what I really was but I didn't get the chance. I quickly threw away that thought and also jump but I landed
on the ground as for her she flew into battle but before she could leave the forset she was shot down by an assassin that carried a very deadly poison for dragons. I saw her drop down still in her dragon form. I shot past her taking out
the army like she did last time. Eventough I took down the army the forest was burning, but I couldn't care less. With her In my arms on the edge of her life, She grabbed my right hand and the Demon showed up. She didn't care as she just
wanted to say goodbye and how much she loved me. When she asked for a final goodbye kiss I saw the memories of me and Celine kissing. We kissed with my tears rushing from my eyes onto her soft skin. I was heartbroken by the fact that we
had spent so much time together and now she was taken from my by some little dart.

I left the forest with her in my arms searching for a proper burial ground. As I arrived at a cliffside I set up a proper grave and looked at the sun shining brightly upon her. She was all I had left of my live, She was the one who kept
me going in this miserable world. I went to the nearest town where I began to sink into a deep deppression until the day I met the ones who were the cause of my never ending pain. A group of six cloacked figures arrived at the town. I
was looking out of my window that was open so I could hear what they were saying. As I was listening I could hear one talking about the money they received for letting the forest burn down, I was very faint but I could still hear. he
had said the words as silent as possible but for me they were very clear and sparked the demon that fed from my anger overflowing it with anger. I jumped down from the window demanding his name. He never told his name but he said he was
the strongest wizard in the world, He was the dragon warlord. When I heard the word dragon I snapped rushing straight at him. He had commanded the six not to interfere with the fight he was about to lose. He tought he was winning but one
of my tricks turned around the fight and I made dust of him. The fists I used to defeat him with were also the ones that killed the Dragon warlord. I claimed his title and became the leader of the group. I talked a little bit with them
about how the faked the late coming into the forest. I talked them into overthrowing every nearby kingdom that was involved with this incident. After 5 months we had overthrown every single kingdom involved with it but what the other
warlords don't know is that I went to flatten the one kingdom who started this conflict. After a while we were wanted for our crimes and our betrayel to the Blessed knight code. I was the Demon behind all of this but they knew what I did
wasn't and was right and that's why they sticked by my side untill we had to splitt up because we couldn't be anywhere safe. Me and the Fairy Myth had splitt from the group and remained in a town nearby a village that had our posters all
over the place...


Natural Appearance

Full Body

The pain I feel When I think Of you...

This Devilish Aura, Is it Awakening?

(Allen Has only one Arm, Arm For refrence)

- Grace Roze (Mother, Deceased)
- Vurges Night (Father, Deceased)
- Aron Night (Brother, Deceased)
- Lilya Night (Sister, Deceased)


Qoute 1: I can bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face. I form in an instant and last for a lifetime, but I can be forgotten."
Qoute 2: Both the past and the future are beyond our reach, it's the present you must grasp.
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

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Re: Magic Kingdom OC's

Post by LUNRWitch on Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:25 pm

Name: Relic Courier

Age: 1188 years old

Gender: Female

Magic: Eternal Curse

This magic first arose when the unicorn impaled Relic, meant as a measure of healing but ultimately backfired. The illness wasn't what it was originally thought it was supposed to be as the unicorn placed the healing magic on Relic, the magic corrupted. The unicorn didn't even have time to flee before the magic ultimately killed the unicorn.

The magic is the opposite of a unicorns abilities. Instead of purifying and healing, it corrupts and destroys.

Occupation: Warlord of the Unicorn

Lunar Witch

History/Backstory: Relic was born into a family of nobles and a life of luxury, however with luxury, came special rules. Never interact with commoners. It was fine at first, she had plenty of equally rich friends, and when they were busy she always had the maids, but after a while she grew curious. How curious you may ask? Well curious enough to go sneak out in the middle of the night just to experience what it was like.

Her parents were sleeping soundly when the eight year old sneaked out of the mansion and property of the Couriers. What she quickly noticed the further down the classes she got was how, simple it was. Not particularly bad, but not good either, she was neutral to the situation. Her little adventure was suddenly cut short when she was harshly pulled back by the hair. It was her father. And he wasn't thrilled. The father grabbed her wrist and pulled her all the way back to the Courier mansion, where she would be punished for what she did. They never got to punish her....

When home, Relic immediately tried to run from her furious dad, Relic's dad chased the girl screaming profanities at her. Once the father caught up to his daughter he was about to beat her senseless, until... she started to cough, a lot. Her coughing fit saved her from the beating, but nothing good would come from it. The coughing got worse and worse, so bad in fact that she could no longer keep on standing as she fell down to her knees her father beginning to worry, suddenly he caught the glimpse of the red liquid now splatting on the floor. Blood. With that he contacted the doctor, and waited patiently for him to arrive.

The visit from the doctor came with nothing but bad news. She had been infected by an illness said to have no cure, and the only scenario to come out of the illness is death.
"There's nothing I can do to save your daughter..." And with that the doctor left. Mr. Andrew and Ms. Mirabelle denied the fact that their only daughter would die, so they wanted her to live for as long as possible, Relic was no longer allowed to go outside. And with that started a new chapter within Relic's life. The toughest time of her life.

Several years went, and Relic's condition was only worsening, but she was alive and that's all her parents cared about at this moment. Relic was 17 years old, and she had already accepted death 5 years prior, and all she wanted to do was go outside one last time, Relic wasn't stupid... she knew she was gonna die this year, just not when. So for most likely the last time, she would go outside. Of course her parents would never let her go outside so she recalled back to when she was 8, she was going to sneak out yet again. It was nighttime, her parents had fallen asleep and Relic was sneaking around the house. Her feet were wobbly and her breath shallow. She could hear the faint squeaking of her lungs every time she inhaled.

Relic ran, she ran as fast as her wobbly legs would allow. Through the forest, she was coughing non-stop but nonetheless she kept running. She knew they weren't following her anymore, but her gut feeling told her otherwise. Her legs gave in as she toppled over. The only sounds were Relic's rough, shallow, quick breaths. Then the sudden sound of hooves? *clip clop, clip clop* The sound was getting closer and closer until suddenly a horse? No that couldn't be it, she had seen it from somewhere before, but she couldn't think of it right now. Relic shakily stoop up to greet the creature, but then before she had time to react she was impaled...

An unspecified amount of time later (Relic forgot how long it has been, more than several centuries though)

Relic was standing in front of her soon-to-be husband Alexander Rheingold. His smile was that of gold. He was a noble from a neighboring country. ((AKA were the shiat happens)) He had fallen in love with the most kindest, sweetest, albeit clumsy girl of his dreams. At least that's what Alexander thinks. He never knew about the secrets this girl holds. Her magic, her age, her scars, but he couldn't care, he loved her nonetheless. "Do you Relic Courier take Alexander Rheingold as your husband?" Relic nodded her head carefully as she proudly said the word "yes". Everyone cheered happily. "You may now kiss the bride." Alexander kissed Relic passionately. It was official, they were now husband and wife... During the kiss their was one thought that crossed Relic's mind. Now that they were husband and wife, she needed to tell her secrets, not now, not in a month... maybe not even in a year. But she would tell him, when the time was right, because they wouldn't grow together, one would become old while the other stays forever young, but for now, Relic could never had been happier. At least that's until.....

Relic felt like shit... good shit, but still like shit nonetheless. She was scared, terrified even, but she loved her husband, and she was certain that he loved her just as much, but she couldn't help but feel uneasy. They had only been wed for about 7 months and already... things were going a bit too fast for Relic, and she didn't know how to feel about it.

"Alexander? Darling?"

"What is it sweetie?"

"I've got... something to tell you."

"Go ahead."

"I'm pregnant."

"..." Alexander started to hyperventilate. Once he finished he ran over to Relic and kissed her.

"I'm so happy!"

Five years later...

Relic was walking along with her little Hunter in tow. At the moment, Relic hated life... it was one mistake, a big mistake, but still one mistake, this whole thing, marriage, Alexander! Everything, she was starting to wish she just died! She should have known better, to think at one point she loved him. For how long she's lived, this hurt the most, and now she was living on the streets. Having trouble feeding two hungry months. What happened you ask? Well!

Relic finally felt comfortable about telling her life story, tell about the scar where her heart is, her age, her former illness, her powers everything, and she did, but the reaction was certainly unwanted. "DEMON! YOU TRYING TO KILL ME, WITH YOUR NASTY DISEASES?! OUT! NOW! AND TAKE YOUR DEMON-CHILD WITH YOU!" And just like that Relic was thrown out.

Twelve years later

Where was Hunter? He promised he would be back before nightfall... It was already early morning, and there was still no sign of Relic's precious son. So she went looking for him. It was below freezing outside but Relic didn't care. She kept looking, her "master" at the farm would probably punish the poor stable girl, but she could take a beating of the world as long as she knew her son was alright. She laughed in despair. He would be alright, right? NO WAY in hell would he be dead, she had a great intuition, she would know if her child was dead. She kept walking feeling more and more desperate while doing so. She ended up in a neighboring village when suddenly she felt a strong churn in her stomach, she ran following the sense of dread. That's when she found him. Dead. It seemed like the world had crumbled before her.. her child.. was no more. What was the point at all anymore. She stumbled her way back to the farm. The master of the farm screamed and whipped her, though she didn't care. Her eyes was just locked on the ground. Then suddenly, in a blink of an eye, a spike of purple-ish blight erupted out of Relic back, missing the man, only leaving a scratch. Terrified as the man was backed away, but suddenly buckled over, screaming in pain... a purple smoke erupted from every pore of his body and when the smoke had vanished, there was nothing but a disfigured corpse left... Relic stood up shocked. Her "master" was dead.... She really was a monster....

Unspecified amount of years later

She found a group, a group who were similar to her in the fact that they knew magic. She had grown fond of all of them, and considered them here friends. But at the moment one of her friends were being brutally murdered by a white haired male. She sat back and watched the others try to fight him... She could tell, if he could kill someone that easy, then no way was she gonna try to mess with him. She'll just act submissive for now.... that sounded wrong but you get the gist of it!!

Relic stood proud watching the king finally fall, there was no turning back now, Relic was a criminal...

Unknown location: Jail Cell
She had stayed hidden for so long but here she was sitting in a cell waiting for her execution. It was going to happen soon, or that was the plan at least, but Relic wasn't gonna die.... not yet, Relic had cheated death for so long, so why not longer? Every night she would use her magic to delay her execution. Every time they had planned an execution she would delay it, again and again and again. And it continued like that for over three years, Relic had gotten infamous for delaying her execution. So much in fact that she'd gotten a nickname to fit. Lunar Witch. The nickname was rather funny, everyone thought her magic only worked during the night, but that was wrong. That was only when she decided to act. What's even funnier is how they knew she was the reason for it's delay, but they still couldn't find a way around it... until today....


The first time Relic went outside after she was hit with the illness. And the time the fated meeting between Unicorn and Relic happened.


Mirabelle Nightlake Courier (Mother, Deceased, Natural Causes)
Andrew Courier (Father, Deceased, Natural Causes)

Alexander Rheingold (Ex-husband, Probz ded)
Hunter Rheingold (Son, Died the age of seventeen, Death unknown)

Quote: Natural Selection kills of the weak, to ensure survival. I should have been dead centuries ago, yet here I am balancing on the fine line between life and death. Pitiful ain't it?

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Re: Magic Kingdom OC's

Post by Rob on Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:17 am

Name: Ray Leonard

Age: 20 In his current body. Soul is 776 years old

Gender: Male

-Phoenix Flame: These flames originate from the body of the user. They are much more powerful if originating from wounds. These flames can also be used to quickly recover wounds. The flames can be used to recover other people's wounds as well. The levels of flame each have their own tier, which has enhanced effects over the other. This magic's greatest strength however, is that it grants the user reincarnation. As the user's life progresses they can see more and more of their past lives, as well as gain strength from those lives.
Crimson Flames: The regular flames, while the weakest, they are still much higher than an average flame.
-Auto-Regen: The flames naturally regenerate wounds at a faster rate. This however will bring pain upon the user, and will leave them with a lingering pain for a good ammount of time.
-Flame Gauntlet: The user surrounds their arms in flames and uses them to increase his unarmed striking power.
-Blast-Burn: The user strikes a target, which is then struck with exploding flames, which deals damage in a large area.

Blue Flames: The flames which have ascended beyond the crimson flames. Can do everything the other one does, but better.
-Increased Potential: While using the blue flames, the user's strength, speed, and magical power all increase.
-Phoenix wings: The user creates dense blue wings made out of flames around their arms and can use these to fly with ease. They can also use these to trap and capture oppenents, dealing constant damage while they are trapped within it.
-Blue Barrage: The user fires a storm of flames which wither away the target as it strikes constantly.
-Phoenix Blast-Breath: The user fires a condensed beam of energy from their mouth, which explodes into a large area and deals large damage to everything within it.

More magics will be added as he regains his past live's memories

Occupation: Cook at a bar

Alias: Ray Robinson

Today started off as just another rainy day at the orphanage, nothing was going to change, I was going to be stuck here until I was gonna be old enough to live on my own. Because at my age(12) no one's going to adopt me. Things were fun, but they adopted my friend Celes, so I was pretty much alone all of the time. But like everyone who writes a story like this, things changed. Two girls and a boy came with their parents. I saw the youngest girl whisper to her brother and point at me, and well after that I was asked to meet the family, they looked quite rich honnestly so I had some expectations on what would happen after what I'd seen happen outside. You may be wondering, how did I get outside? Well you see, I hate this feeling of being trapped, so at night I'd sneak out, and go back in early, tho often, I was caught, I'd get hit, but I didnt really care. So anyways I often saw how the rich treated the poor, it wasn't always, but most of the time, the treatment wasnt the best. I walked up to where I was asked to go, the family greeted me very politely, the mother asked the son "Is this the one you want honey" He looked to his sister, they both nodded before he exclaimed "Yes!".
So that's how it started, I was adopted into this family, my name now Ray Robinson, a rich kid! Man, I don't think I would've ever gotten to call myself a rich kid... It feels weird, I don't like it. Being in an actual family's going to be strange, or rather it's going to be normal, but I never got a normal life, I've lived in that orphanage since I was a kid, so I guess I'm gonna have to learn to behave like them.
Upon arriving home, they welcomed me, and showed me around, they lived in a very nice place I have to say, but I mean, that's coming from someone who lived in a crappy orphanage for his whole so maybe it doesnt mean as much. So after they showed me around, my new  mom said that I needed a hair cut, I didnt really have acess to mirrors too often so I didnt really know how long it was. It was more of a trim, it was still long enough. Then it was onto the bath before getting ready to have to play dress up. The best part by far of being in a rich family is having to play dress up, William told me sarcastically. William's my new brother by the way, and the girl was called Atlas. I didnt know my other sister's name yet, she kind of had daggers in her eyes towards Atlas and I at the time. William really liked me, I was his kid brother,same went for Atlas. Atlas was fun to be around, she always took care of me, and we spent alot of time talking, I tried not to be an open book, but it was difficult. As for William, he was much different than I was, he was outgoing, strong, reliable, and confident. If god created a resilient human being, that was him. So anyways, back to where we were at the story, dress up... yay. Strangely enough it was less boring than I thought it would be, it was fun not to dress up in rags and such, and instead inside of nice looking clothes that you'd see in storybooks. My mother helped me with a bit of etiquete and such, eating like a noble and such, maybe I'd starve myself a little to not humiliate myself, as we were having a large banquet. Turns out today was William's birthday and that Atlas begged him to let them have a little brother, so William made it his birthday request, saying there was only one boy in the family. There was quite a few people there, it was kinda akward, they kept asking me questions, being that I was more reserved, they mostly left me alone, tho I guess I should thank William for that, he was quite the talker. So after that it was getting pretty late, so I went to bed. William and I were in the same room, the room was also quite big. He tells me
"Hey little brother, it's gonna be nice having you in the family, I think Atlas made the right choice, I hope that it's not too scary being here, but I know you'll fit in well with the rest of us, good night, little brother."
I had a bit of trouble sleeping that night, naturally of course, I had just moved in to a family of big shots without notice, and was going to live here for quite a while... I was going to take some getting used to, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.
As time went on I mostly spent time training with William, learning how to behave like a normal child from my mother, and now my dad began teaching me on history and such, I learned quite a few things. After I was all beat, I got washed up, and either spent the rest of my day reading or talking with Atlas. After a five or six months , we began talking about our problems, which I rarely did, but she kinda forced me to do it.
"Well I mean, I sure love it here, it's real nice but..." I took a few breaths of air as a few tears began running down my face "I-I Miss my brother! I miss my mom! I miss my home!" I said trying to muffle the sound of my sadness as tears ran down my face. She asks me "What happened to them?" in a very light tone.

"I'd rather not talk about it... It'd take too much of your time"
She nodded her head left to right in disagreement "I have all the time in the world for you, please go ahead"
And so, I began
"My father abandonned my family before I was born, so I didn't know him. This made it so my mom had to work alot more, and so did my brother, who was only 8 years old when I was born. My mom took really good care of me, life was good, even if we were really poor. Walker(My brother) and I worked most of the farm so that she could relax. We were a really close family, but things changed. When I was 4 years old my mother got sick and passed away, leaving me and my brother alone. Later on a drought happened, we had no choice but to sell our land. 2 years later my brother became old enough to enter the army, and due to having no employement at the time, he joined. On the condition, that they took good care of me, of course, that was a lie, they put me in that crap orphanage."
Of course, I told her more, but I don't want to fill my book up with tears, so that's all I'm writing.
As I was in tears my sister pulls me into a hug, and she says
"Don't cry anymore, your sister's here for you, and she always will be"
I hugged her back before she wiped the tears off of my face with a tissue.
We spent most of the night talking until our parents complained that we were up late and made us go to bed.
So for about a week things went on normally, aside from me being much more open to Atlas. But this time, as we went for our chats, she began levitating a  cup, and pouring tea from it into a glass which she passed on to me. I was very surprised, my mouth was wide open, before I went to ask how she did that, she covered my mouth and asked me "Would you like to learn how to do this, well that goes without saying, of course you do... But I have to warn you, it's going to hurt" I simply nodded.
"I'm sorry Ray..."
She then pushed me back, as I blinked from the surprise, when I opened my eyes, I found myself in some sort of chamber, before blacking out.
I woke up soon after, in a pool full of  blood with a pain that can't even be described it hurt so much. I felt a large pain in my chest, I was sitting down, so I looked down, and saw a hole in my chest, I began panicking, yelling, and then, something took over me, flames began shooting everywhere as I felt my body burning up. Litteraly, I could see a flame, from where my wound was, and in about 30 seconds, the wound was gone, but I could still feel the pain, despite it slowly going away. After about half an hour, the pain was gone, there was no sign of wounds. However it seemed that I had blacked out for a while, because when I snapped back to reality, I was in chains, and felt quite exhausted. Soon after, the chains dissapeared, and Atlas came to greet me. "Well, you passed the test, you can now use magic" she said. I then felt a surge of energy as I made flames apear around my body.
"Unbelievable, this feels amazing!"
She then asked me something
"Hey, so now that you can use magic, do you think we could run away from home? We could be free for a bit, get a taste of the world before we have to live as nobles."
"Why can't we just stay with them, or at least explain what we're doing?" I asked
"They'll say no, we might even get in trouble, besides, they think we were kidnapped, they wont believe us if we tell them otherwise, and how would we have escaped? I think we should live our lives freely, and we can return later, thatll be more convincing after all" She replied.
Well after a bit of thinking I knew I wasnt going to win, so I went along with it.
So we sought out, we didnt know where we were going, nor what we were doing, but we adventured, we got enough loot to sell to keep us fed and in nice clothes.
4 Years later
"Hey, Atlas" I said
"What's up?" She replied
"I'm really glad that I went with you and all, but don't you think it's time for us to go back?"
"Honnestly not really, I'd much rather spend all my time here with you. Why should we go back? We'd just be normal brother and sister nobles that would have to abide to their policies all the time, instead of being free like we are right now"
"What do you mean?" I asked
She then pulled me into a kiss
"I love you, and I want us to be together... Like we've always been"
"No no no no this isn't right, that was a sibling's love, and we were kids!"
"When I say we're always been, I mean from almost 800 years ago, I can remember our past lives, how do you think that I picked you at the orphanage, how do you think I knew your magic would prevent you from death. See, not even death can keep us apart!"
Looking away I say
"I'm sorry, it's just a bit too much to take in right now..."
"It's fine, I'll be there for you, I always have been after all"
"Is it alright if I spend the rest of the night alone, we can talk about it tommorow"
"Sure" she finished

I then payed for my own room in the inn, once I got "Inn" there, I immedietly fell asleep.
I can't remember much of this part, all I remember was a man who looked so much  like me, except, he had red hair, and looked a bit older. Alot of this was nonsense, but I remember I was observing events that took place a long time ago, and he was next to me. He said
"I never thought that all this time after my death, she still hadn't given up" he said, while exhaling
Upon further inspection, I was able to see what looked like an older version of Atlas
"Why is Atlas down there?" I asked
"Well, she used to be my step-sister too, 754 years ago, before I died of course. She's been spending her whole life, trying to repair the damages done back then... My body right now, it's still conserved, she keeps it somewhere, I can bet I know why... Listen kid, you and I, we're pretty much the same person, through several reincarnations, and we've died several times at her hand. She's tried everything to make us love her, but the strength of the phoenix allows us to retain memories of past lives, and, to retain emotions. Due to your direct previous life, the phoenix's strength is far stronger, but it's brought something that not even I can pinpoint, that must be how I can talk to you right now, that's why you'll be able to remember, that's why you can be stronger than we were, and that's why you can beat her... Listen kid, I need to ask you something... Could you please, put her out of her misery. She's gonna keep doing this until the world ends, and trust me, she can. Anyways, that's all the time I have for today, see ya... hopefully it won't be in the afterlife.
And with that, I woke up. It felt so strange, knowing that I could live practically forever, but that all this time, I wasn't me...
I can't kill her... But I can't let myself love her...
I began writing a note, apoligising, and telling her I was leaving for a bit, and that I had some things that I needed to think of.
I left in under her door, and then ran off. As I began running  away, I felt a two eyes, stalking me, I turned around, yet nothing was there, and as I turned around to continue running, I saw her there and she asked me
"Where are you going?"
"Just off for a quick stroll is all"
"You were running awfully fast for someone who was ''Just off for a quick Stroll'' "
"Listen... I need some time alone, and I think it's for the best of both our interests..."
"No, you running away isnt the best for either of our interests."
"Trust me, it is... I know that we shall cross again..."
"But why delay it? Of course we shall cross again, we first met several centuries ago, and now we get to reunite again! And you want to take this away from me? I finally get to meet you again, and you try to push me away?"
I then grew a grim expression on my face
"Don't lie to me you bitch..."
"What... What did you just say?"
"I think you forgot about all the lives you stole, when you murdered me all those times, when you murdered my kinfolk, you knew, you knew me then, didnt you!?"
"Dumbass... You really are a dumbass arent you Logi? Why do you have to ruin my happiness... I get so close... and you take it away... Fine, leave but youll change your mind, I know it..."
And after that , with tears forming in her eyes, she backed away into some form of portal which dissapeared soon after.
I let out a large exhale, gathered myself, and then began the walk home.
After about days of walk, I met a group of men clad in armor. Their leader told their group to stay put as he advanced  to meet me. While he began walking, a man ran up to him and whispered something into his ear, he nodded, and then spoke up in a familiar voice.
"Sir, drop your weapons please, we simply need to conduct a search."
Two things struck me as odd, the first being his voice, the second, being that he knew I had weapons, they were hidden under the cloth I was wearing.
"I also request that you remove the cloth that you are wearing, I must verify if you're not a wanted outlaw."
Despite my better judgement, I disposed of my cloth and my weapons. I then noticed the man take a good look at me, before tackling me into the ground. It hurt, he was tremendously strong. I couldnt breath anymore, and he began yelling.
Using all of my strength I managed to push him off of me, as I hurried to get back up, and he did the same.
"William? I can explain, It's not what you think! Atlas made me go with her, she's not who you think she is, she's not your si-"
My speach was cut off, as a fist was rammed into my gut. I then crumbled onto my knees from the sheer pain that was brought to me.
"Get up fool, I aint done yet, and you're gonna make me mad if you keep talking that shit. Don't you ever talk about, who's my sibling. Don't you ever make excuses, of kidnapping my sister, don't you ever say anything like that again!"
I then got up slowly, on wobbly legs
"Alright brother... If words dont get to you... Then a fight will have to do..."
I noticed that before William hit me, he'd already taken off his arm "Arm"or, and was proceeding to remove the rest of it... Well, I can tell you one thing, he definetly took care of his body while I was gone... Jesus christ, he was huge, he was gonna kill me!
He then began to walk forwards, as the lower half of his arms began to turn into some shade of purple. I then charged towards my attacker. Due to fighting large beasts, I became very agile and nimble, hopefully this would allow me to gain the upper hand. As he threw a punch I just barely avoid it, before firing an overhand right into his face, barraging it with flames. I backed off, waiting for the smoke to clear out. Once it did, it revealed his face, as well as the rest of the impact zone, covered in that purple shade, which slowly disolved.
"So youve decided to pursue magic huh kid? I guess this fight will be much more enjoyable, I cant wait to tear away something you care about, just like you did to me..."
I was at a loss for words, he wasnt even affected by that blast of flames point blank.
He then walked towards me, and I could tell he could feel my fear, I honnestly felt helpless, I threw my hardest punch and he didnt even move. It seemed that he was unaffected my magic, or at least that purple stuff wasnt, so Id need to figure out a way around it. I began slowly backing up, and he began advancing even faster. He then threw a punch which I somehow managed to duck under, which was followed by a right which I managed to dodge again. He then  threw a hook, which I intended to block with my arm.
He hit my arm. He broke my arm. My arm dropped in pain, as I began to yell out he sent another punch to my jaw.
*Glass tinkling sound*
My jaw was broken, nearly torn clean off of my mouth, blood began gushing out. He then threw an uppercut which slammed my mouth shut as blood began shooting everywhere and I fell to the ground.
And then, something within me awoke, my wounds began healing, as they got covered in flames, but it wasnt like when I awoke from  having a hole through my chest. I felt a flickering in my body where the wounds were, as the flames had trouble regenerating.
"So it seems it's effects began kicking in. The magic that is within my body is used to combat magic. Every hit landed cracks part of one's connection with the line of magic, until the connection is shattered, leaving them destroyed on the ground, and quite frankly, I don't know how you haven't died by this point!"
He then began laughing like a madman.
I slowly got up with flames surrounding my body, as I felt the pain increasing. The flickering decreased more and more, until it was gone.
"Come and get me William!"
William had a shocked expression on his face, before it was replaced by an arrogant grin.
"Perfect! I'll just keep beating you down until you don't want to live anymore, this'll be an excellent slaughterfest!"
William's men then began whispering to eachother as they were all shocked from their leader's behaviour.
The words were spoken, William and I charged eachother.
As we got closer, my flames felt even stronger, and eventually, they became a beautiful shade of blue. With my arms coated in blue flames, I threw two rapid punches, which this giant managed to dodge, before throwing his own counter-right hook. I was already stepping in to it, so I increased my own tempo to beat his punch, landing my right hook straight to his face. He clearly hadnt seen it coming, his shield wasnt active, and he backed up upon impact. After that I charged landing in a few shots to the body making him lean forwards, giving me a clean shot to his head. I threw a wild left hook, filled with blue flames, I was going to finish him now! Out of nowhere, he throws his own left hook, which lands as mine does. We both stagger and back away, except I'd tumbled onto the ground. As he regains consciouness he wipes the blood off of his mouth, meanwhile, I try to get up on my feet. The effect of his magic really began hurting me, I had to use every ounce of my will to keep my magic up. As my sight became normal again, I saw the giant in front of me. He then begans hitting me with a series of shots, each moved me from side to side, and each felt like a sledgehammer getting slammed onto each of my toes. After about 10 seconds of pummeling, I fell to the ground. My flames dissapeared, as I raised my hand up, trying to catch them.
"What's wrong child? Looking for something Ke-he! It's gone now, you ruined it, you could've tried to flee, but instead you stayed and fought, it's gone now, you wasted it! But oh well, toys only last for so long"
He then cracked his knuckles as he aproached. Waves of blue energy then began fluxuating around me, as I felt the strength returning to me. William tried blocking it with his magic, but even he was pushed back considerably.
I then got up,as my blue flames slowly got a small shade of purple within them.
William, why did it have to be this way... to this day I regret what had to happen after this, but if it weren't for my source, I would've died there.
My arms were then covered in my new flames, which I envelopped around William, and used to throw him up into the air. I then flew up using the dense flames as wings, and fired a barrage of flames into the ball of flames which contained William, which sent him crashing into the ground.
As the smoke cleared out, he stood up, fully clad inside of his magic.
"So then, it seems you learned a trick or two, guess I'll have to go all out as well then!"
Yeah, I was surprised, he wasnt even at full power...
His coating began to form into something that resembled additionnal armor, altho lighter and in less ammount, it began looking like a knight's armor. He then brought his hands forwards, parallel, one above the other. I understand what he did now. He was using his magic to repel the magical energy around the area into a single point.
I began charging up the energy that I'd obtained from my small source. Truly, I didnt have much, as my source was only active for about 5 seconds. Luckily however it bought me enough time to save my link.
I began charging up the energy that I'd obtained from my source and what I'd regained from my link into my mouth to fire it as a very large field of magic to try and finish off my foe.
Both of our final attacks were ready. I fired mine off first, it was a large beam, which was met by a smaller compressed ray of energy from William, as it hit into it, my condensed ray completely exploded, hitting nearly everything in the area, good thing that those soldiers fled as far as they could. I then felt a huge blast of magical energy crash into me. I was knocked out of the skies and flew into the ground.
The clash had ended, William's coat of magic slowly faded away as he stood there, proud, and exhausted. He then began carrying himself over to me. I was so tired and battered up, my healing flames took so much out of me that I could hardly even move.
Then suddenly, a gate appeared between the two of us, and through it, came Atlas.
"S-Sis? You came back!? I missed you so much! It's alright, I got him for you, he won't be kidnapping you anymore!"
William carried himself over to Atlas with joy, opening his arms to receive a hug, from his sister.
William's world collapsed, and so did he. Atlas shot a ray of pure energy, which tore straight through William.
"Atlas... What's happening? I think that I'm imagining things... I-I can feel a hole in my chest... I... Why?"
He then collapsed over my significantly shorter sister. He didnt even get to hug his sister which he missed so much, as she sent him through another portal.
"So Ray? It seems I cant leave you alone for too long after all... It's alright, I'm here to protect you... But I can't have you running away this time..."
I saw a portal being open in front of me, as she prepared to send me into it, I hear the sound of the wind, slicing through the battlefield, and it got quite loud. And right before she lays her hand on me a man appears out of nowhere and shoots a blast of air knocking her quite the distance back. He then appears in front of me, I couldnt see much of him, due to his green cloak which covered most of his body. He puts me over his shoulder and says
"Hurry, we don't got much time before she comes back"
We then began moving at hyper fast speed as he was moving through the area, before laying me down inside of some form of forest.
Atlas then reappeared through a portal to face the man.
"I'm going to make it short Floyd, hand him over"
"Ha! How polite of you, this time you didnt kidnap us and drug the kid, guess you gained some decency"
"So you're going to waste both of our times once again, are you?"
"Don't forget, I was the one to kill you... What makes you think I can't do it twice!"
A ray of pure magic is shot at floyd which he carefully dodges.
"What's wrong? Not gonna take any chances again?"
"I don't have any time to waste with you, that being said, this time, I'm going to gain revenge."
Floyd then charges at full speed, avoiding all of the blasts created by Atlas before attempting to strike her, but narrowly missing. Atlas then places her hand on the ground and creates a giant white magical chandeleer type of thing, except capsules replace the candles. Portals are then created at each of these capsules and several soldiers charge Floyd, who jumps into the air to avoid combat, but is then fired at by a ray of pure magic and is shot back. I then gained a surge of energy and ran off, as well as I could.
The forest was so dense and thick, but it made me feel strange, my magic  felt very different in here. As I kept walking I kept getting more and more light headed and lost, until eventually, I passed out.

An unknown ammount of time passes...
I saw a man, getting killed in one hit by someone significantly younger looking than him. That guy was my boss soon after...
I remember disbanding with this group
I remember dying... dying... I died, that's right. Atlas killed me...
I miss my friends, where did they go?
Oh yeah thats right... After we split up I began looking for something... Some sort of shrine!

I then awoke, from my seemingly endless dream. I was inside of some sort of cave, but I felt some sort of magical source, captivating me, to go towards it. So I walked, up, down, and around the canyon. I was so tired, but then, I could feel it. I wanted it, I craved it, but didnt know what it was. And so my body moved on it's own, and I jumped off of this type of cliff.
There it was, it was this shrine-like place, with a red, magical lake. I could feel what I had to do, I jumped straight into the lake. I began to feel whole, I felt undestructible. I then simply layed there, and focused, as my body began absorbing energy from the lake. I stayed there for about a year, lost in time, time went by so fast in there, but I knew it was going by, until eventually, the lake was gone. I was awoken, my power was now realised.
The problem was, I had no point in life, I could hardly remember anything, aside from that strange dream, and this girl nammed Atlas, but aside from that, my memory was at a void of anything. All I knew now is that I had to reunite with my old comrades, wherever they were.

6 Months later...
I've been banding with random groups of mercenaries and such, hopping from one to the other, but I've been with this one for a while, they're quite strong, and something, just feels odd. I mainly follow them around, but I know so little about them. As for my magic, I don't use it much, I'd rather keep it away from people, I keep getting this vivid memories of what happened when I did use it. I do however use it as my job as a cook at the bar I work at, yeah, I forgot to mention, they own an bar. Anyway I mainly use my sword now, I found it at the shrine, it's more of a spectral sword, which drains the spiritual and magical energies of others. Oh yeah one other thing, they said they'd help me regain my memories, well, I guess it's time I stop writing, we're about to depart...


Ray Pre-William fight

-(Unknown)Silver Robinson(Step-Sister)
-(Diseased)William Robinson(Step-Brother)
-Atlas Robinson(Step-Sister)

Quote:  "Everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You've got to work hard to get to them. Your body is a sacred and is worth much more than diamonds or pearls, and should be protected as well" ~Muhammad Ali

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Re: Magic Kingdom OC's

Post by Nis on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:59 pm

((WIP, Im just lazy...))

Name: Nis Crowell

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female


Occupation: Warlords of the Hydra

Alias: Nis the Deamoneater

Backstory: Nis was born in a family not much different from any other. She had a loving mother and father as well as a younger brother, and felt comfortable in her home, away from society. This didnt matter to Nis however, all she cared about was the wealth and health of her family, wich in her own eyes, were both doing greatly.
However, unbeknownst to her, her parents were hising a grave secret from Nis and her brother, a secret that would end up costing more than simple currency.
One day Nis was lurking around her parents bedroom, she noticed a letter on her mother's bedside table. As curiosity got the best of her, Nis took the letter and started reading:
"I'll make it quick Bitch.
You're taking too long and we all know Boss doesnt like waiting
if you fail once more you know what we'll do"
Confused, Nis only looks at the letter. Who was this person?... and Why was he threatening her mother?...
Nis hears the steps of her mother approaching quickly as she hears her yelling, asking what Nis was doing. The mother rips the letter from Nis' hands, and told her to get out of the room. Refusing to move, Nis asked her mother what the letter meant, who was this person? and why was he threating her?
Nis' mother only ignored, telling her she was ashamed of her daughter, telling her how she thought she had an inteligent and kind daughter, one who knew to stay away from something that didnt concern them. No matter how much her mother's insults hurt, Nis refused to take nothing as an answer, however her father was alerted from her mothers yelling and carried Nis out of the room and to her own, locking the door to Nis' room so she couldnt leave before she promised to never bring it up again, and forget whatever was written on the letter.
after hours of begging Nis realized there was no reason to keep on, and gave in to her father's request, never to mention the mysterious letter again.
At nine years old, Nis and her brother were peacefully spending their day in a forrest not far from their home. Suddenly, they noticed the shadows of some mysterious men. Visits were so rare, one could say they never happened, so this sight was definitely rare. Curious, the two follow the men from a distance, as they get closer and closer to their home.
When the men arrive at the front door, Nis and her brother thought about approaching and asking the men who they were. However, the men suddenly started to yell. Threats about breaking down the door, something about "time's up", something about "We warned you..." Confused and afraid, Nis and her brother only watch as the men break down their home's front door and storm in. Not long after, they hear the agonizing screams of their parents, immobilized by fear, Nis and her borther only watch as the men drag their parents dead bodies into the forrest.
After a while, they enter the home, only to be welcomed of their parents blood splatered on the walls and floor. Finally realizing the reality of the horrible situation, the siblings fall on their knees with tears in their eyes, how could something like this happen?... Everything had seemed so peaceful, it was impossible to actually believe something like this could've ever have taken place.... However... It was all part of the horrifying truth.
Nis realized soon the real danger that could take place for the two now, no way those people would just leave empty handed from a home like this. Letting her brother grieve for their parents, Nis quickly grabbed two backpacks and filled them with food, flasks full of water, and clothes for the both of them, she knew they wouldnt be able to live here anymore and they had to run. They eventually left their home and into the forrest, opposite of the way the men had left, with nowhere to go and no money, the siblings wandered around the dark, surviving on whatever they took from their home, hoping they'd find somewhere to start anew.

Two weeks later
The two past weeks had been no simple task, cold and hungry nights were constant and Nis and her brother were very low on supplies. They had arrived in a big city, but with no luck in bribing or begginf for food from merchants. Desperate, the sibling decided on a plan to break into the royal palace of the city, if only they could get some valuables to sell, or even some food to survive for only a little bit more...
That night, the two snuck around and managed to get inside, evading guards and hiding around every corner. They had managed to get their fair share of valuables and their backpacks were about as full as they could be. As they were heading out they heard guards heading toward them, somebody must have alerted them about some kids entering the palace and taken action. Nis and her brother ran as fast as they could towards their entrace, however her brother was caught. The guards surrounding her brother, Nis refused to lose another family member and hurried back to his side, Using a fake sword she found on an aroured statue she threatened the guards, guarding her brother bahind her. Right before the guards managed to just finish off the siblings, an old man approached.
"Who may you tow be, and why are you inside the palace? this is no place for youngsters like you" The kind asked
Nis explained their situation quickly stating also she would take on any guard the old man throws at them. The man Giggled lightly and gave the Guards an order, this order however, was far different from what Nis and her borther expected, from that day on, they would live in the grand palace, in exchange for them being part of the royal guard.

Seven years later
The two siblings had grown close to the old man, who turned out to be close friends with the king and commander of the guard. Despite the old man refering to Nis with her name, her borther refused to say his own, stating that if his parents were never to speak it again, nobody else would either. The Commander then gave him the name of Eizen, which Eizen took a liking to and accepted. Nis and Eizen had become people of legends around the country, everyone knew of their story, about their parents and about their travel, all the way to present time. The siblings didnt fear the people who had killed their parents anymore, they had the whole guard on their side now, nobody could ever be a threat to them

Current Appearance:

While using ___:

In Royal Armour:



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Re: Magic Kingdom OC's

Post by Fanod on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:38 pm

Name: Casro Flight

Age :16

Gender: Male

Magic: Wind Wind

Basically how it works:

Wind level 1: Basic blasts of air and wind walls.

Wind level 2: Able to throw slicing air that can slice trough wood and stone. Minor speed boost as well as everything on level 1 but stronger

Wind level 3: Able to create armor and a sword of wind, major speed boost aswell as compressing air to small bombs that he can throw. Including level 1-2.

Pegasus move: Casro can summon pegasus wings to fly around, aswell as blast wind with his wings.

Appearance:   *Yes i made a guy myself im lazyyyyyy*

Backstory: *wip*

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Re: Magic Kingdom OC's

Post by Erik Night on Thu Sep 15, 2016 8:30 pm

Name: Cynthia Oak

Age: Early 20 (Actual 921 years old.)

Gender: Female

Magic: Layers Of a Witch

Layers Of a witch is a magic that is produced when touching a physical object or a living being. Once touched a layer is applied.
The user of the magic can choose to Use the layer or add another layer. Adding another layer makes the spell applied to the layer
stronger. The user can choose from many diffrent spells but sometimes needs to know certain froms of magic to use a spell for
example a fire layer the user needs to know how to use one of the simplest forms of fire magic.

Spells: (More to be added during the roleplay.)

Fire Impact: A spell that the user casts to create something similair to an explosion. When the spell is used
the person who this is applied on gets knocked away by the blast that is created and the person will get surrounded
in a sort of fire (Color diffrence depending on the number of layers.) that also damages the person. (The user needs
to know Fire magic to use this spell.)

Fire Dragon: A spell that the user casts to create a dragon out of a certain element, this one being a dragon
constructed only out of fire. (Color diffrence depending on the number of layers.) The user can do various
things with the dragon but cannot let it spout fire. The dragon can magicaly eat a person draining someone
magic and damaging simultanious. (The user needs to know Fire magic to use this spell.)

Electric Surge: A spell that the user casts to create a burts of lightning fly out. This spell has a
huge advantage as it can be cast everywhere. The number of bolts is depending on the number of layers.
If the person who is targeted by this spell is hit by this spell the person gets stunned for a certain
amount of time depending on the layers. ( The user needs to know lightning magic to use this spell.)

Electric Dragon: A spell that the usr casts to create a dragon out of a certain element, this one being a
dragon constucted out of lightning. This dragon however doesn't devour it's prey but will punish it's
opponent for wrong stepps and attack with lightning fast reflexes stunning and damaging the opponent.
(the user needs to know lightning magic to perform this spell)

Ice Ground: A spell that covers the ground in ice. Anyone who is touched by the ice will be frozen solid
for a certain amount of time depending on the layers. A secondary effect this spell has that the Ice
doesn't melt fast so the enemy will be slowed down depending on the layers. (The user needs to know
Ice magic to use this spell.)

Ice Serpent: The caster creates a serpent like creature that is completly made out of ice. The serpent
is one of her most used spells and one of her strongest spells she owns. The creature slithers just like
a normal snake but leaves behind a trail of ice that spreads very slowly or even fast depending on the layers.
The snake also acts like the Electric dragon only not punishing it's enemy but just keeps striking it's target
untill the seprent gets smashed to pieces. (The user needs to know Ice magic to use this spell.)

Air Blast: Much like Electric Surge this spell can be cast everywhere and also has a rather similair effect
like Fire Impact. It bassicly is just a blast of air being produced to blow away the opponent. (the user needs
to know Air magic for this spell to be used.)

Garden Of Eden: The strongest spell in her arsenal. A garden of massive thorns are created covering the a massive
part of the battlefield. Every single thorn is unique as it has it's own magic connected to it. This spell can
become so strong that I can obliterate whole cities in an instant. The user also doesn't need to know any special
kind of magic to use this spell.

Cynthia can use many varities of magic including Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, grass, ground and many more.
Cynthia also is a well known healer as she was part of a Druid group in the past.

Occupation: - Model
- Waitress in the Thirsty serpent

Alias: - Fairy Warlord
- Crimson Witch

It was a very cold day in the forest as usual. I lived in a small druid family with my Father, Head of the Druid Village, my mother, She who assited the female druids with healing and my older sister who was 7 years older then I was at
the time. From what I Can remember from that short time is that me and my older sister would always play together, searching for adventures, Exploring the forest altough it was forbidden to go outside the border of the town but me and
my sister still went outside the border. One unfortunate time me and my sister were outside the border when suddenly we were attacked by a massive bear. My sister fought with all her magic power she had just to defend my life. From that
point on I remember that our father saved us and that he declared us a disgrace of the family. We were little and very hurt, I even tought of running away but as a little girl at the time it wouldn't be the best descission. I wanted to
be recongized by my father again, thats why I started learning magic. I was always fascinated by the healing skills my mother had and the brute force my dad had. I wanted to become just like my parents were. I studied day and night just
figuring out how to do a small thing. My father was amazed that I was able to connect to the flow of magic at such a young age. Normal Druid children would connect around the age of 8 or 9 but I was able to do it on the age of 5. One
thing that really splitted the family was that my Father and mother began to spend more time with me then my sister, I was like a very special child to them, their only child. It didn't take long or my sister began to become very hostile
towards me and my parents. I was very schoked at the fact that something like this could ever happen, the once lovely young lady that helped my mother do so healing works now turned into a very dark person that had a grudge towards her
own family. Time passed and when my sister was 16 she left the village, The hatred towards us had fueled her magic and it made it skyrocket. Even after our parents tried to discuss this topic it never worked out as my sister would just
ignore them. I cried for weeks as I tought and knew that it was my fault that my beloved sister had left the village to go outside and try to live a better life of freedom. I myself one day would gather my stuff and leave this village
to seek out my sister and bring her back. 8 years passed and I had been 17 years for a couple of weeks now. I became very good with using various forms of magic like Fire, Ice and lightning. You could say I was a novice but I knew how
to use it.

Finaly, the day had come that I would break free. I would finaly leave the village to search for my sister. I could never imagne that I would start a journey that would never had an ending. My parents were trying to convince me to stay
as this seemed so far fatched cause the world is to big of a place to search for only one person. I had been 8 years since she had left the village and she could have gone everywhere in the world. It didn't take to long before I had
lost all the hope, just after 2 months of searching. Could it really be that hard to search for her. I stumlbed upon a abandond mansion and made my camp for the night there. I was very sad, tears rushing down my face. I was far away
from home, I didn't have my family to calm me and I still hadn't found my sister. I hardly slept that night, all the tought that I would never find my sister again. I finaly came across a small populated village were I could see the
villagers openly using magic. They were a very warm hearted village and welcomed me like I was one of their own. I stayed here for quiete a few years, An old woman took me in and cared for me like I was her daughter. She was one of the
people that gave me the hope to keep continueing my journey. Under her guidance I began learning about other magical cultures and how they used magic, One in particular catched my eye. As a druid we were forbidden to even touch the
culture of the Witches. The woman altough old was very skilled with every single form of using magic. I could remember her teaching me the other forms first before we becan practicing the witch part. We would always do this at night as
the only way to start the power withing was to learn and master it under the light of the moon. Once there was a full moon I had to take exams that weren't fun at all but now that I am a master at the art I'm happy that I did them. And
once again I made a promise to myself, I told her that before she had died that I would have found my sister and we would both come to see her and thank her for all she did to me. I packed my stuff and got ready for the last time I would
sleep and eat with her. She told me that I couldn't forget one thing, As long as I could feel the flow of magic, I wouldn't have given up. She was so sure of it that I would find my sister that she gave me her pendant. It was a pendant
with a small emerald, Ruby and sapphire at the bottom. The Ruby stood for Wrath, anger and destruction while the sapphire stood for Calmness, Focus and Healing and the Emerald One would Combine the two to create Inner Peace and Happines.
I gave her one last goodbye hug and left.

The sun was shinning bright and I had left early, I could still remember what She had told me about the crystals. The crystals made me stop for a second thinking about the relation me and my sister once had, we were so close to eachother
and to think that the reason why she saw me as her archnemesis was the fact that I was born into the world of magic faster then her, that was the reason why my parents left her standing in the dark, the things she would learn and master
weren't important to my parents, I was the only thing that was important. I realised that if I would stand there just thinking about her that I would just burst into tears of sadness. I continued my journey just like I started, with a
feeling of anger towards myself. A group of knights walked past with one sitting on top of a white with black dotted horse. They stopped and so did I. They asked if I was lost and I simply awnsered that I couldn't get lost, when they
asked of I could explain I simply replied that My destination could be anywhere. For some reason I followed them to a massive kingdom filled with people, I had never seen something like this in my whole live before. How could so many
people be crowding such a small place, well it wasn't that small but I still wondered how. I arrived at a big gate in the kingdom itself where they told me I couldn't enter Cause I wasn't part of the army. For some reason this
kingdom was split into rings and the one I was in was called the inner ring. I soon arrived in the middle ring that was filled with Inn's and hotels as far as I could see. I wasn't to picky so I just chose the first one I saw. To my
surprise the Inn wasn't kept in a good state but I didn't care, I wanted to show that I could be strong Enough to enter this army thing. The next day I decided to go to that gate and enter showing them how strong I really was. I arrived
at the gate that Had the same guard as yesterday. I didn't let him finish his sentence as I ignored him and entered the training field its self. One guy came up to me and asked if I was lost, I replied that I wasn't and said I was at
layover. They began laughing as a girl in the army was very Uncommen, back in my town entering the army group was strictly forbidden for females. I floored the first guy and the laughing stopped as their jaws dropped in surprise. It
took 4 men to eventually stop me and to my surprise I still was not accepted as part of the group by one of the captains. I was ferious and decided to attack him, It did not take long or I flew into the wall causing my hand to get broken.
I was screaming in pain as my hand was twisted, I suddenly felt the pain decreasing and I could turn my hand back. I stood up with no scratch and with the start of round two I shocked him with some lightning magic. He started of strong
smashing me into the walls over and over again. After 30 mintues for fighting he gave up and assigned me as a captain of a fairly small squad. This is when my world started to change. The things I learned form the old woman in the village
were all unnecessary, I basicly started from zero. I had to chose, become a thing people fear or become someone who fears others. I didn't want to become like them, ruthlessly killing innocent people, taking down villages and claiming
it my property but I had no choice. The thing is if I had chosen to become someone who fears others I would have never reached this point.

Wars were wagged, many people drowned in the endless blood baths, there was no ending to this endless killing spree the kingdom had sent us on. In a span of 4 years we had taken over almost double of our own kingdom and the king constantly
made us go out and conquer more land just so he could satisfy himself. I on the other hand became something I detested, I had become a ruthless killer not even thinking once before killing someone. I had also ranked up to several ranks
my orignal rank and became a general of the second army. There we were standing on the battlefield, the opposing army standing face to face. A shot was fired and the opposing army started shooting flaming arrows, dashing towards us and
a now a shot was fired by our First general, our army sprinted in the battle and hell broke lose. I on the other hand was sitting on my horse looking at what I had achieved. I wasn't paying much attention and in a matter of time I slammed
into the ground knocking the air out of my lungs. Another woman but of the opposing army was standing there with a spear pointing at my face, I did a swift roll and got back up. She then began using her spear to keep me at a distance, and
I must say she was a very talented spear user. We were both tired but I still had somthing up my sleeve, I could enter the army as I was very well known for my incredible feets in magic. I charged up some lightning to shoot it and follow
it up with a blast of fire. To my surpirse she was a magic user aswell, She quickly dodged and I could see a blue light drawing her in a line that surrounded me. I was then stabbed but luckly for me I could partly avoid the attack just
leaving a big slit. I then surprised her with a jab to her stomach that began to freeze her slowly from the waist all the way to her arms restircting her. I then cast the spell called "fire dragon" and drained her magic aswell as damaged
her cutting her in some places. The fight was over, or was it? The woman infront me laying on the ground was an afterimage and soon after realising I had a spear right through me. I fell to the ground looking up as she pulled the spear
out of me. I then spoke "I only wished to find my sister, Cristi if you're there, i'll be coming home. If you're still out here then rememeber me as your sister, I couldn't see that we were splitting appart. All I wanted was that the
four of us could be a happy family, But here and now I'm destined to die. Farewell Cristi, Raine and Cruise..." And those were my final words. All I saw now was a pitch black room, I felt really light but it also felt like I was getting
pulled back to the light, The pain was slowly disapearring. The girl had bent and was sitting there with her hands above my wound with tears rushing down her face. I could never expect to find my sister as my enemy on the battlefield.
I couldn't keep ahold of myself and passed out. I woke up, Something heavy was placed on my body, I was set in a room that had a roof made out of massive thorns. Cristi and casted a spell so strong that It could heal the both of us and
make sure we were no more part of this outragous war. After a while we could feel that things had calmed down and that someone had won. The thorns lifted up and I could see all of my fallen commrades. All of the soldiers that had followed
me all the way here had died, It turned out that Criti's kingdom had won. I was soon after targeted by may arrows but was covered by Cristi, She couldn't keep all the arrows from coming through the thorns and was shot multiple times. I
saw as my sister fell to the ground, multiple arrows pierced her body. I was filled with anger, and a desire of pure revenge. I grabbed her spear and used what The old lady had tought me. I began forming multiple layers and oblitarting the
opposing army. I tried as hard as I could reviving her but it didn't work, Cristi was gone.

I desided to return to my homeland and also pass by the village. Throughout the kingdom rumors were spreading that I had taken out an army on my own, something unthinkable by many. I arrived at the village and went to the door of the
old ladies house. I knocked one time, nobody seemed to awnser. She was quite old so she maby wouldn't have heard it pretty well so I decided to knock a second time. This time the door opened on itself and a person behind me appeard. The
person told me that the woman living in this house had past away a long time. I was guided to the cemetery and then guided to her grave. I couldn't help but to let a tear drop for my ducts. It felt so bad that I knew that I had broken 2
promises already. I couldn't stay there for long or I would think about the promises I couldn't keep. I wandered for long untill I arrived at the old village, It looked abandond and it was abandond. For some reason the tribe had left the
forest and moved to a diffrent place I didn't know about. Right now it felt like I had betrayed two people very dear to me and that I was betrayed by the two who had raised me and took care of me since I was a child. I accepted that I
had to live on my own and took of back to the kingdom. When I arrived there I was greeted by many and was seen as a hero, but at that point I felt like a villain. I was warmly welcomed by the kingdom and was assinged to a group of very
strong individuals Called Warlords. With me including we were with 7 so far. We would often set of to defeat unhuman monsters and make sure the people were safe. One day we were chilling by an Inn when it had snowed. A young boy stepped
up to our leader and challgend him to a fight cause for some reason our leader had killed what was dear to the boy. What I never saw coming is that the boy had totaly obliterated the person that was called the strongest living wizard with
ease. He claimed the spot as our new leader and ordered us to split up and each take over a kingdom, for some reason we all went along and for once it felt relieving. Do I really get relieved of killing people? After a while we were a
group filled with outlaws of a level that no one could imagne but our leader said that we had to departed for a certain amount of time cause if we would stay together we were an easy target. To this day I had stayed with the captain and
so did Ray, I like to call him the guy who carries my bags but He's fine.


They Took my Sister, I took their lives.

Cynthia's Light Armor

Current Appearance

Full Armor

Cynthia In a Shoot

Relatives: - Cruise Oak (Father, Deceased)
- Raine Oak (Mother, Deceased)
- Cristi Oak (Sister, Deceased)

Qoute 1: From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.
Qoute 2: in this world, lots of people will try to grind you down. They need you to be small so they can be big. You let them think whatever they want, but you make sure you get yours. You get yours.
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Re: Magic Kingdom OC's

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